Modular Powerpacks

Compact Power Packs

Compact Power Packs

Our mini power packs are modular and can easily fit the requirements of industrial and mobile applications. Their core is a lightweight aluminium die-cast Universal central manifold, that can be assembled in thousands of different configurations with a limited set of standard components.


Main Features

·         Power upto 7,5 kW DC, flow from 0,3 upto 25 L/min and pressure upto 300bar+.

·         High Intergration

·         Gear and Hand Pumps

·         Pressure and Flow Control Valves.

·         Check and 2,3 & 4 ways Directional Valves.

·         Proportional Flow and Pressure Controls.

·         Upto 9 devices can be integrated with the central manifold for flexibility and compactness.



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Micro PowerPacks

Micro PowerPacks

Hydronit Srl, in the pursuit of excellence, have dedicated a large part of their profits to research and continuous development of the product, in order to increase the performance, efficiency, durability and reliability over time, and for the continuous process improvement, constantly monitoring parameters for over thirty indicators of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as a whole.



-       Why choose Hydronit?

·         Complete focus on hydraulic components & modular power pack design, continuous research, development and innovation

·         Organization fully based on processes and Total Quality Management principles, certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 50001:2011

·         Lean and energy efficient product design and manufacturing

·         Mass production and cost optimization: hundreds of thousands of Hydronit modular power packs are now reliably running worldwide.

·         Flexible marketing policy: supply of loose hydraulic components and power packs either in kit or fully assembled and tested in accordance with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE

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