Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Air Control Hydraulic Cylinders


- According to ISO and CNOMO standards.

- "Extra strong" versions for heavy duty applications in extreme conditions.

- Compact, short stroke and rodless cylinders, among others.

- Special Cylinders, adapted to any client need or specification.

- Applications in industry in general, especially in the iron and steel industry and metallurgy.

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Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders

AirControl Pneumatic Cylinders
AirControl cylinders are designed to work with non-lubricated air, which
means that the cylinder components are lubricated in order to guarantee
a correct operation. If you decide to use lubricated air, it’s important that
the use is continuous, since this lubrication removes the one applied in
the assembly phase.
All AirControl cylinders are tested before delivering them.
In all delivered cylinders, the level of cushioning is adjusted to an
intermediate position. However, and depending on the working load, it
could be necessary to make an additional readjustment. If a higher level
of cushioning is required, turn the bolt clockwise. If less cushioning is
needed, turn it the other way around.
Compressed air must be clean. Therefore, it is necessary to install an air
filter that eliminates both dust particles of a size of more than 5 microns
and water condensation. Although AirControl cylinders are perfectly capable
of oil-less working, they recommend lubricating the compressed air,
to increase the seals’ life. The lubricator must be connected
to the supply line, as close as possible to the valve. Use a petroleumbased
mineral oil with a compressed viscosity between 2 and 2,5 Engler
at 50ºC with an aniline point above 85ºC.
In order to avoid cylinder working pressure variations and save in air
consumption, it is recommended to place a pressure regulator between
the filter and lubricator.
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