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Hi.Power Hydraulics Ltd is a part of the Hi.Power group whose head office is in Cork, Ireland.

In 1999 The Hi.Power group took over the UK franchise for Pedro Roquet S/A of Barcelona, Spain. The agency was previously held by HME of Stockport and then Haskel Energy Systems who moved the business to its present site in South Manchester.

All our current employees are hydraulic engineers. One employee, Mark Scowcroft, has worked with the franchise for 24 years.

We strive to answer your telephone enquiries first time without passing you on. Whenever possible we will give a price and delivery, find an equivalent part number or give you technical application advice on your first call without having to call back.

We hold a vast stock of Pedro Roquet products including many different hydraulic gear pump shafts and flanges. This enables us to make up and supply overnight literally millions of different specifications. We can make up a range of hydraulic power packs ranging from small 12vdc models up to 55Kw 300ltr/min models. We can also specify and supply radio and wander lead remote control systems. Radio control systems manufactured by Scanreco of Sweden are widely used for remote truck mounted crane control.





HiPower Hydraulics Ltd is the exclusive UK importers and stockists of products manufactured by Pedro Roquet S.A. of Barcelona. We are specialists in supplying gear pumps often as alternatives for many other manufacturers.

We provide numerous hydraulic products and services to customers worldwide. We have a close relationship with our suppliers having exclusive direct deals with hydraulic component manufacturers to offer the best available prices and to try and find the best solution for our customer enquiries.

We hold stock of a wide range of hydraulic products including Gear Pumps, Power Packs, Mobile Valves, Motor Pump Sets, Solenoid Valves, High Torque Motors, Cylinders, Hydraulic Hose and a range of hydraulic fittings.

Pedro Roquet

Over more than 50 years, Roquet has consolidated its position as a leading brand manufacturer of hydraulic components, primarily for mobile applications. In our four factories, we produce gear pumps, hydraulic cylinders, valves, pump motor, automatic door, and all kinds of components for hydraulic applications groups. Our high quality standards are widely recognized by our customers worldwide, who rely on them for their applications in the construction of agricultural machinery, trucks for all types of uses, machine tools, applications for civil work and renewable energy. From its origins ROQUET has been characterized as a company capable of developing products to the As their customers. This is possible thanks to the great expertise in the field of hydraulic products; fact that allows the creation of complete hydraulic groups as partial or simply the commercialization of specific products. The GROUP ROQUET since its inception has been characterized by offering all its customers high quality products at competitive prices. This business policy has led to an enormous prestige within the hydraulic sector. Fruit of it ROQUET GROUP is currently present in 38 countries on five continents, expanding every day its presence in the market of hydraulics.

-       Roquet delivers a full range of hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic gear motors, ranging from 0,5 l/min to 250 l/min at 1500 rpm.

-       Whether they are made with aluminium or cast iron bodies, all our hydraulic gear pumps are made with modern technology and equipment with special designs on the gears and other key components of the pump to maximize life, efficiency, and to minimize noise.

-       Our hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic gear motors are tested with oil at 100% to guarantee their high performance, and lastly a thorough cleaning process to ensure very low contamination levels.

-       Our hydraulic gear pumps and motors are suitable for a wide range of applications given their high life and performance.


All our product catalogues and technical details can be downloaded in PDF format, if you have any queries, you can call us 8:30am-5pm.


Everything you buy from us is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months. If during this time a fault develops then we will either replace it free of charge, repair it or refund your money in full.


Complimentary Advice
If you are not sure what you need or you can’t find a particular product,  call us and we are here to help you, we provide technical support and can offer a free site visit to consider your requirements.

0161 480 6715 – 8:30am-5pm

The British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) was formed in 1959, formerly known as AHEM, to promote the technical, trade and commercial interests of British Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment.. HiPower Hydraulics Ltd is a proud member of the BFPDA.